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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get your services?

Ajman Ports & Customs – Main Office + Ajman Central Post Office | Directions

Business Hours?

Saturday 8:00 am – 12:00 pm
Sunday to Thursday 7:30 am – 5:00 pm

Where do I pay the fees for importing an automobile to register it in the UAE?

Ajman Ports & Customs – Main Office

What are the customs fees on imported goods or automobiles?

5% - except alcoholic beverages & cigarettes

What are the required documents for commercial or personal import?

Commercial: Delivery Order - Commercial Invoice – Packing List – Certificate of Origin – Bill of Lading – Commercial License
Personal: Delivery Order - Commercial Invoice – Packing List – Certificate of Origin – Bill of Lading – Copy of National ID

What are the fees for a Customs Declaration?

70 AED

Can I travel from the Port of Ajman?


What are restricted goods?

They are goods that require additional approvals from other government agencies to import.

Which agency is responsible for clearing pharmaceutical & food imports?

Pharmaceuticals are restricted goods that require clearance from the Ministry of Health to be released. Food stuff imports also require clearance by the Municipality to be released based on taken samples by Municipality inspectors pending lab approval to clear it for consumption.

I have recently moved to the UAE and would like to import my furniture, am I required to pay customs?

No – Personal effects are exempted from customs fees.

I am a trader and would like to import and store goods for a certain period of time with the intention of exporting it to another country, do I have to pay customs?

Ajman Ports & Customs provides a service called Import for Re-Export and a 5% insurance fee is charged on the value of the goods, which will be refunded once goods are exported outside of the UAE.

What if I want to send a shipment of goods to a GCC country?

A clearance statement will be required and the fees are transferred to the GCC country of export which will exempt you of any fees during the transit of the goods of any GCC countries since all attached documents will be proof of payment.

How can I get a list of demarcated and exempted goods?

Please visit the website of the Federal Customs Authority to find a list of all of the demarcated and exempted goods: http://www.fca.gov.ae

What are the required documents to import an automobile from another GCC country?

Automobile Export Certificate + National ID of Name on Export Certificate + Car License Plates.

What are the required documents to import a car from non GCC countries?

Delivery Order – Packing List - Commercial Invoice – Bill of Lading – Certificate of Origin (New Automobile)

I would like to import goods using via the post office, how can I know if I will be required to pay customs?

If the value of the goods is less than 1,000 AED, they will be exempted from customs based on the Unified Customs Procedure Guide except tobacco products and its derivates and other specific goods. If goods are found to be of commercial nature, they will have to be declared to customs.

What are the payment methods for our services?

Cash only – cheques accepted by registered companies with accounts with the department.

Can I import live animals via Ajman Port?

No since live animal imports require prior approvals from the Ministry of Environment & Water. In addition, the port does not have a veterinary quarantine.

I would like to import pharmaceuticals for personal use via online merchants and to have them shipped to me via the post office. What are the required procedures to receive them?

The shipment will be transferred to the Ministry of Health for approval and then released for pickup.