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The Emirate of Ajman

The Emirate of Ajman is one of the main facets of the United Arab Emirates, being one of the main players in the initiation of the Union, and is strategically located in the Northern Emirates between Sharjah and Um Al Quwain on the Arabian Gulf Coast. Its land area is 260 square kilometers with a marine coastline reaching up to 600 kilometers. Its capital is Ajman City where the Amiri Diwan is located in addition to other government departments and offices, other cities located in its boundaries are Masfout and Al Manama. In just three decades, Ajman has become a hub of investment and a global window of opportunity for investment in trade and manufacturing by supporting investors through laws and legislation to achieve the vision of the government.

Al Manama Area

Even though Al Manama is about 60 km east of Ajman, it is witnessing significant infrastructure development and progress. Tourists can also enjoy Al Manama’s many attractions, in addition to its scenic views and mild climate.

Masfout Area

Masfout is witnessing increased development, even though it’s about 110 km south east of Ajman not to mention the cities within such as Muzairi and Sabgha. Masfout is famous for its mild climate, farming, wide valleys such as Ghulfa, Sawamir, Masfout, Khanfaria, and Dhifdaa and mountains such as Mount Dafta, Mount Leshn, Mount White.