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Department Strategy


Distinguished and Sustainable Maritime and Customs Services


To provide distinguished Maritime and Customs Services for all of our customers to meet the overall development needs and to grow locally and globally.


1 - To promote investment and participate in the economic development of the Emirate of Ajman.

2 - To increase the revenue of the Emirate of Ajman.

3 - Protecting society by bolstering security through combating smuggling and illegal trade.

4 - Preventing the pollution of the environment.

5 - Highly skilled human resources.

6 - Customer Satisfaction.


# Value Brief Description
1 Team Work Belief in team work and cooperation between employees and all departments.
2 Integrity To abstain from all conduct that conflicts with the employee code of conduct with the intent of personal gain.
3 Credibility Credibility is the cornerstone of winning the hearts and minds of those affecting by our performance.
4 Customer Service Customer Service is our main priority, where we invest our time and effort for your happiness, satisfaction, and to gain your trust.
5 Respect Building professional relationships between the management, staff, and our customers based on mutual respect and the protection of our reputation.
6 Justice Being fair and unbiased and taking rational and balanced decisions.
7 Transparency The belief in transparency through increased and open communication between us and our customers.