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Ajman Ports & Customs

Ajman Port & Customs Department is a government entity under Ajman Government that was restructured by an Amiri Decree #15 on December 6, 2011, it is an entity with complete legal authority to engage in all specialized activities whether legal, financial, or administrative to obtain the goals that it has been tasked with.

As per government directives, the Port of Ajman seeks to develop itself using all available means such as modern tools and techniques to upgrade, restructure, and modernize all facilities of the port with the goal of increasing efficiency and effectiveness to achieve a better standard of quality and unique services to serve all of our customers (companies, importers, exporters, etc.).

Ajman Ports & Customs is also tasked with supervising all maritime transport activities in the Emirate of Ajman. The Port of Ajman is the land and sea area that is used by ships and other marine vessels to dock, to load or unload cargo or passengers in any of the following areas such as the harbor, the docks, the waterways, areas of storage, and any other facilities under the authority and supervision of Ajman Ports.

In addition, Ajman Ports & Customs is tasked with implementing the 2002 Common Customs Law of the GCC and its provisions which was ratified and agreed for implementation in the UAE by National Decree #85 signed by the President of the UAE on 9/26/2007. Furthermore, all related rules, regulations, and amendments will also be applied relating to the above decree including all local legislation of the Emirate of Ajman relating to customs and maritime.

On 26 November, 2011 a ten-year concessions contract was signed with Hutchison Ports to manage and operate Ajman Port under the name of Hutchison Ports Ajman. A specialized committee was formed by Ajman Ports & Customs which constantly monitors and ensures the compliance of the contract and the port development plan.

The goal of our contract with Hutchison Ports is to raise the level of our performance in our fast paced field to reach global and local standards and to develop and improve our services and facilities. We also strive to save costs and ensure cash flow for the necessary development, and to develop the skills of our human resources by gaining experience from industry leaders and experts. We also focus on the hiring of UAE nationals and professionals to ensure the implementation of our future goals.